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Contents: 2 Pedals, Allen key 3mm
Surface size: 7,6cm  x  9,2cm
Pedal thread: 9/16"

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The Pedals are one of three contact points between you and your bike. The more efficiently this contact point can function, the better your muscle power can be harnessed to propel your bike.

With the new MOTO Pedal, you will experience a new dimension of cycling. Be it in sneakers or high heels, dress shoes or barefoot, come rain or shine – you can always expect maximum comfort and safety from your pedals.

The MOTO Pedal is manufactured entirely in Germany, using only the highest quality materials.
Price: € 155,00
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Free shipping to Germany!
No VAT charge outside EU!
Worldwide: € 9,50 see details

Can't wait to get these in the US! Keep up the rad parts

vor 1796 Tagen
Mark Mcgrade

LOVE the pedals! I only ride Flatland, no jumping for me.
I’ll send you a pick of myself riding showing off the pedals soon.
Thanks for a great product!

vor 1642 Tagen
Thomas Patelis

Not only the grip is great, but everything else. The MOTO pedals have great quality and also work exellent ! I am fully satisfied with them! They feel like you are wearing the floor under your shoes, and i mean under any kind of shoe. Excellent feeling of stability! Also perfect shape!

vor 1628 Tagen


I would like to know If you make a special price to companies. I have a bicycle company and i would like to put these pedals on our bikes. Let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

vor 1582 Tagen
chris armstrong

I've had these for over a year now and couldn't
See myself on any thing else! They've upped my riding and my shins love them. Best product ever I wish I could buy every rider a pair.

vor 1349 Tagen
Lloyd Thomas

Would like to see these in the US.

vor 1295 Tagen
Sebastian Karimian

I'm presently testing these on my MTB and they are amazing . I have lightened mine using a mix of aluminium and titanium . So far the pedals are 53 grams lighter, look nice in black and grip really well .

vor 1247 Tagen

for everyone asking "when will they be in US?", click "add to cart" & they will be shipped anywhere

vor 1000 Tagen

they are the greatest pedals i've seen, but 155€? why to not make accessible these great pedals to the public instead of charging such price? how can they cost 155€ with such a simple design? they are great but i think they are way overpriced, not cool

vor 925 Tagen

sorry didnt know there were models which cost only 55€ my bad

vor 925 Tagen
Tom Marano

Your video showed the pedal shaft in chrome but you only sell them in black.I need them in chrome.Do they come in chrome.

vor 905 Tagen

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