It takes two, baby …

From the street for the street. In the centre of Berlin lies the rich and vibrant urban tapestry of Kreuzberg. Since artists, creative people, internet start-ups, entrepreneurs and lifestyle gurus made Berlin their focus, revolutionary new products, companies, initiatives and projects have been springing up here every day. One of its inhabitants – a "true Kreuzberger" – set himself the task of revolutionising the bike pedal. Alireza Barjesteh has lived in Kreuzberg for 20 years and since then has ridden BMX, Flatland to be precise. He has embodied urban bike culture since before the term even existed and still embodies it today.


It is in the heart of Kreuzberg that the idea was born: to develop a light and functional pedal , which meets all the needs of an “urbanista”. Large contact areas, optimum grip even in wet conditions and aesthetically minimalist.


In cooperation with product designers, professional cyclists, aerospace engineers, as well as specialists from the fields of composite, timber and metal, this concept could be successfully developed and produced in Germany. It is a success story of know-how and teamwork. Every detail has been carefully and consistently considered in this product, helping to make cycling a better experience for everyone.


Try it. Feel it. Love it.                                                                                                                                Hope to see you soon on MOTO´s