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MOTO pedals is the ultimate accessory on your bike! [...] The people that I meet are very interested...         Matthieu Rosanzki /// ...more

  Andrea Hitzemann                 Susomo Kase ///


One of my bikes [...] Pedarson T Model with SON (front wheel) AND MOTO Pedals.             /// Jan Haselhuhn


/// Adam, Pir Malo,             Viki Gomez

/// Cycle Chic,                   Faab M, Thomas ///

I love the MOTO pedals. Here’s a couple of pics of my Fairdale with the Moto pedals. I put my 2nd pair of MOTO's on my flatland bike today and took it for a riding session and I love them for flatland too.  I think I should be ok as I don't ride ramps or street anymore, just flatland.        ... /// Kevin Washington, NC USA

/// Flo, LDG Design,        

Not only the grip is great, but everything else. The MOTO Flat Pedals have great quality and also work exellent! I am fully satisfied with them! They feel like you are wearing the floor under your shoes, and i mean under any kind of shoe. Excellent feeling of stability! Also perfect shape!                                                               Thomas Patelis, Athens, Greece ///
///Wolfgang Kriegs,          Berlin