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Kio Hayakawa is BMX Flatland Rider of the Year 2021

Kio Hayakawa is BMX Flatland Rider of the Year 2021

Kio Hayakawa came to our attention in early 2019. Watching him ride struck MOTO CEO, Founder and former Flatland Pro, Ali Barjesteh , like lightning. Kios talent and the way he moved on his BMX stood out. We had a feeling that this kid had what it takes to become one of the all-time greatest  with the potential to change the sport.

We reached out to say hi and express our enthusiasm for his riding style. It clicked immediately and after talking shop for some time, Kio was riding MOTO Pedals. He´d seen Viki Gomez riding them and was keen on trying them out himself. We were stoked as Ali had always envisioned MOTO Pedals to be more than just one of three points of contact but to allow for a whole new style of riding and Kio seem to be a perfect fit to unlock this potential.

When looking at Kios recent showcase reels, you can see that he was on to something, see:

As seen before with Flatland Legend, 6x World Champion and 3x Rider of the Year - 2015 and 2016 on MOTOs - Viky Gómez MOTO Pedals expand the riders possibilities and can become an integral part of tricks that haven’t been done before. Viky even coined the term "MOTO Pivot" for one of his signature tricks.

We’re looking forward to seeing Kio continue to progress and be an inspiration for the Flatland BMX community. Having riders like him choose MOTO Pedals over conventional flat pedals fills us with pride and motivates us to strive to get better at what we do every day.

Congratulations Kio!

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