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Do your Flatpedals fit any bike?
Yes. The pedals have the same thread size as other pedals, namely a 9 /16 thread.

How do Motopedals perform barefoot on a bike trip?
MOTO flat pedals are ideal for barefoot cycling, because the foot is placed stably on a closed surface instead of on a few cm² - as with conventional pedals. Thus, the power is uniformly (instead of punctually) transferred. The ultra-flat profile acts similarly to barefoot shoes.

Should your feet be too soft and you the (sandpaper-like) surface too rough, this can be easily peeled off like a sticker.
Now, you can even ride without grip or re-stick your pedal: with a self-adhesive anti-slip surface or with a finer grained skateboard griptape. Follow the link and you will find a template.

Are Motopedals made for heavy people?
Our flatpedal is designed for tough use. Often BMX riders use our pedals to perform jumps. In everyday use, the pedal should more than meet the requirements.

Are these pedals useful on a recumbent bike?
We have already received a lot of positive feedback from recumbent riders, as MOTO pedals allow a flexible angle of foot position and unlike conventional platform pedals still provide a secure grip even at an angle of 45 °. Moto pedals allow even a sideways "pulling" due to the increased static friction, which makes additional pedal straps unnecessary in some applications.

Doesn´t a concave platform surface provide even a better foot support?
We experimented with several shapes including multiple concave concepts. Most of the shoe soles wouldn´t give a better feeling with a concave pedal shape while riding, as most soles are too rigid to allow a natural foot position. We decided for a flat shape because we got considerably and statistically better feedback with this shape from all our testers. As footwear evolves, rest assured, so will we.

Can I order the pedal set with a silver axle rather than the black axle?
The coating that is used on our axles to prevent corrosion and reduce friction that allows the pedal spin freely only comes in black. It’s defined by the laws of chemistry and physics, which is both a bummer and a blessing depending on how you view it.

Doesn´t griptape wear off very fast?
To our surprise, no. After about half a year in daily, continuous sporting use the grip was worn down by about 20%. After a year of average use, we’ve found the grip to be more than adequate. If you always need the maximum fresh skateboard deck grip, you can easily swap your grip tape as you see fit. You can get a pair of grip tape pads for 7,50 Euros from us or acquire some through a skate shop. The Installation is super simple and takes about 5 minutes.

Is the MOTO Pedal waterproof?
The grip tape is waterproof. The wooden pedals are waterproof glued and sealed. Rain rides are no problem, you can move freely in wet weather conditions and enjoy the grip benefits compared to conventional pedals. Our parts are made of the best materials that are available on the market in terms of performance, weight and dimensions. Such parts are usually maintenance intensive where as our pedals virtually maintenance free. If you’re one to store your bike outside throughout heavy snow all winter or in a consistently wet environment, our pedals will weather about the same as your seat and grips.

Is wood durable enough for a pedal?
Here we can clearly answer yes. If you look at skateboards, they’re exposed to far higher loads than our pedal. Nevertheless, they are still made of wood, because there is no other material that would be more suitable. [The multiple lamination and a special surface treatment makes the MOTO Pedal ideal for everyday use.]

Our patented design ensures that the MOTO Pedal has no disadvantages in terms of stability compared to a conventional pedal. Signs of use depending on usage are normal and the same as conventional pedals, and if needed the wooden frame is also replaceable.

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