Next Level Riding

The Origin. The Cause. The Foundation. The Basis.These are the defining meanings associated with the Japanese word Moto. Ali our founder and Berlin native spent the majority of his youth riding flatland BMX challenging how a person can interact with their bike and environment before challenging how a pedal could be built for city bikers. People deserve better than slipping of their pedals and getting hit in the shins without being forced to wear special biking shoes on their way to a café or work or park or wherever. We believe in people choosing whatever footwear they want while having the best biking experience possible, and with that pedals needed to be reconsidered.

We worked with German aeronautical engineers to help redefine the axle. This new stronger and lighter axle opened up opportunities to challenge and existing pedal designs by creating a new, uncomplicated and slimmer platform that provides a uniquely powerful and unparalleled feeling. A larger surface area on the pedal platform combined with the best grip material in the world ensures solid traction in wet or dry conditions all the while keeping smart and clean aesthetics in mind.

Made in Germany:
The closed shell design eliminates unneeded parts and keeps dirt and debris away from the smooth spinning mechanics. The axle is made of hardened and CNC machined chromoly steel with a special coating to reduce friction and corrosion. Our plastics are high impact grade polymers filled with extruded glass fibers to increase rigidity. Our wood and packaging comes exclusively from certified sustainable forests. Our griptape is derived from the world’s foremost manufacturer in the USA. All other components are designed and made in Germany and tested worldwide as we refuse to trade profit for sustainability and quality.