MOTO Urban Pedal

The pedals are one of the three points of contact between rider and bicycle. The more efficient this interface, the better the rider’s ability to convert muscle power into propulsion. This is why clipless pedals are used in competitive cycling, but these are not practicable for everyday use. Conventional platform pedals generally fail to provide optimum power transmission, and urban cyclists know how painful it is when your expensive leather-soled shoes or high heels slide off the pedals and you hit your shin.

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Das neuartige superflache Plattformpedal von MOTO BICYCLES im Praxistest.

„Optisch edel und speziell, dabei leicht und griffig – von den Pedalen erwarte ich Vielseitigkeit und Langlebigkeit.“

(Pedal-Tester Jasper, Netzwerker aus Berlin und langjähriger Allroundradler, über seinen ersten Eindruck der neuartigen Pedale von Moto Bicycles)

Using Toe Straps

Ride any toe straps you like. You can mount straps with longer screws (M4 x 20 mm) and matching washers to the pedal, see pictures below. Our pedal has no pins, so it´s really easy to get in to the straps.In contrast to conventional pedals, where the sole of the shoe only has a few square centimeters of face contact, the patented MOTO pedal has a significantly larger, uninterrupted platform. The better distribution of pressure provides for a more effective transmission of power, and no pressure points after many hours of riding.
NOTE - Only use the connection points beneath the griptape designated for this purpose (see exploded diagram of pedal). Drilling holes into the pedal or damaging the body will result in loss of Warranty rights.






Das neuartige und superflache Plattformpedal von MOTO BICYCLES im Praxistest

Pretest: Portrait Tester Jasper