MOTO Urban Pedal

The pedals are one of the three points of contact between rider and bicycle. The more efficient this interface, the better the rider’s ability to convert muscle power into propulsion. This is why clipless pedals are used in competitive cycling, but these are not practicable for everyday use. Conventional platform pedals generally fail to provide optimum power transmission, and urban cyclists know how painful it is when your expensive leather-soled shoes or high heels slide off the pedals and you hit your shin.

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Ultralight and ultraflat: these are innovative new platform pedals for bicycles (patent applied). As standard they are a mere 300 g per pair, unlike other Pedals which don´t include the additional hight of pins or bearings to their platforms, the total profile of the moto pedal measures just 15 mm in thickness, which makes them the thinnest pedals ever. The pedals will be available through the trade in early summer 2012. Final tests and quality checking are currently under way.   

Yeeah, Today, the new pedal axles have arrived with a super weight of 91 grams a pair! This is half the weight as a standard BMX-Pedal axle. Our next posting stands for tomorrow . Stay Tuned!