MOTO Urban Pedal

The pedals are one of the three points of contact between rider and bicycle. The more efficient this interface, the better the rider’s ability to convert muscle power into propulsion. This is why clipless pedals are used in competitive cycling, but these are not practicable for everyday use. Conventional platform pedals generally fail to provide optimum power transmission, and urban cyclists know how painful it is when your expensive leather-soled shoes or high heels slide off the pedals and you hit your shin.

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The ISPO BrandNew winners from 2012 MOTO Bicycles and Zuri Bikes at the BIKE ISPO exibition 2013 
’’Anyone who is considering a purchase, should be aware of getting abosolutely noticed with these top functional pedals.“


’’Innovative Platform pedals for urban style by MOTO Bicycles“


’’These stylish platform pedals are mega slip-resistant and guarantee a steady foothold - even with higheels“