’’Not only the grip is great, but everything else. The MOTO pedals have great quality and also work exellent ! I am fully satisfied with them! They feel like you are wearing the floor under your shoes, and i mean under any kind of shoe. Excellent feeling of stability! Also perfect shape!"
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Stylish and "made in Gemany" The advantage of continuous platforms is the improved power transmission while pedaling - The MOTO pedal in the Gala next to Heidi Klum.


Electra Bike Europe 
Thanks to our Friends from Motobicycles! They look great on our STRAIGHT 8!


’’A pedal also for cyclists with high heels - Firm grip flat above the pedal spindle with the very light weight MOTO Urban Pedal“
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’’While road cycling has optimized their efficiency with clipless pedals, little has been done for everyday, urban cyclists—until now 
...Made of weatherproofed laminated plywood with a replaceable grip tape surface available in a variety of patterns, the stylish Moto pedal offers a wide surface (92 x 77 mm) for more foot power for all shoe types and bare feet. At 320 g per pair and 15 mm thin, these could be the lightest and flattest platform pedals on the market. Thanks to its patented sandwich construction with embedded spindle, the Moto pedal eliminates the danger of riders being whacked in the shin by a spinning pedal.“ 

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