In the heart of Berlin, Germany, a city known for its colorful graffiti and artistic flare, lies Kreuzberg, a hub for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and “lifestyle gurus” like Alireza Barjesteh the founder of MOTO Bicycles. “[Alireza] embodied urban bike culture since before the term even existed and still embodies it today,” stated MOTO’s website of its founder. With years of cycling experience under his belt, Barjesteh collaborated with a diverse team of cyclists, designers, and engineers to bring a set of beautifully designed pedals that are made to meet the needs of every cycling “urbanista.”

With the MOTO Urban Pedals, MOTO Bicycles embarked on a mission to reinvent the bike pedal. They created a practical, everyday pedal that uses a simple design while also lightweight and sustainable. The Urban Pedals use a sandwich construction method, which allows the pedals to be uniquely lightweight while maintaining durability. In systematically reducing the number of components, the MOTO Urban Pedals are sleek, safe, and stylish.

With a flat surface design, The Urban Pedal can easily be used with a wide range of footwear from trainers to heels. The continuous surface is coated with a strong, waterproof grip tape that gives the pedals excellent traction. “We experimented with some shapes like a concave one, we decided for a flat one, because we really got better feedback with this shape.”

In true urbanista style, MOTO Bicycles offers a variety of grip tape patterns and colors that allow you to customize your MOTO Urban pedals.

More infos:

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In April MOTO proudly presented the Viki Gomez "BMX Flatlander of the year 2013" signature pedal. Now we are proud to show, what Vicky developed, riding our MOTO Pedals: a next level pedal trick called MOTO PIVOT!

„Here is the promo video of my signature Moto Pedal! Always everybody wonder about the design of the pedals,this video shows one of the variations you can do with them! I ve never seen this trick done by anyone before so I call it the "Moto Pivot". Enjoy it! 

Thanx, Viki, we are even happier, that you enjoy our MOTOs like this!

A pedal trick, that MOTO head and professional Flatlander Ali Barjesteh was dreaming of years ago became reality – based on the idea to develop a flat pedal in 2007 called MOTO! 
We hope this pedal concept will motivate other riders in the future be able to use their bikes in new ways. Now our pedals go back to their Origin/to where they come from... Go on like this, Viki! 

BMX and Street rider Rico from berlin testing the MOTO Pedals. Curious to know why he likes them? Watch the video!