This is what Eva from AllThatIWant Shop said about our pedals in the Momentum Mag. 

“ ...One of my favorite bike gear items is the Urban Pedal by MOTO Bicycles. I love this platform pedal not only because of its sleek design, but also because I believe it’s the safest pedal for everyday use: perfect for cycling in high heels..."

Stoked On Fixed Bikes, Janury 2014, Page 52
"...This pedals look supercool as you can see on the picture, we love the wooden feature and the special grip makes you feel really safe riding your bike with those pedals"
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After our success receiving the Eurobike Award a few weeks back, on 3 September MOTO founder Alireza Barjesteh was back in Berlin accepting yet another award.  On this occasion it was the "Made in Berlin" event, where Olympic champion Robert Harting presented MOTO the Made-in-Berlin-Award. 

The Made in Berlin Award is given each year to local companies from the capital, who realize excellence with their products and represent the future of Berlin Economic Development. Spitzley Joachim, founder of the association, wants to promote Made in Berlin to highlight  that "in this city there are great companies as proof that Berlin will really become 'rich' and sexy."  

 Well, now I guess its up to us  to make sure...

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Berliner Morgenpost, 04.09.2013
Foto:  FilmForm, Anke Peters
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At the international bicycle trade fair Eurobike in Friedrichshafen recently,  MOTO pedals took home one of the prizes awarded to competitors in the Parts and Components category. Our ultra-flat, non-slip and bombproof design asserted itself out of 496 competitors from 30 countries and ultimately convinced the jury.

The Eurobike Award enjoys worldwide recognition as the hallmark of innovation and outstanding design in the bicycle industry, and to win this award is a great honor for us here at MOTO, it brings our pedals onto the world stage where they belong! Luckily our grip tape gives us enough traction to stay there!

our pedals were broadcasted on German TV yesterday with consistent excellent 
test results........this time also for barefoot biking :) let´s see what´s next.
Verdict: The Hip Flasks for bicycles keep what they promise! 
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The April 2013  edition of german magazine Fahrrad News (160,000 copies) selected our MOTO Pedals as the ultimate pedal for the touring cyclist." With the Urban Cycling pedal by the Berlin-based company MOTO, slipping is virtually impossible .... Probably no other touring pedal is as appealing and comfortable".  We are happy to see more and more journalists becoming MOTO converts!

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Stylish and "made in Gemany" The advantage of continuous platforms is the improved power transmission while pedaling - The MOTO pedal in the Gala next to Heidi Klum.


’’A pedal also for cyclists with high heels - Firm grip flat above the pedal spindle with the very light weight MOTO Urban Pedal“
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’’While road cycling has optimized their efficiency with clipless pedals, little has been done for everyday, urban cyclists—until now 
...Made of weatherproofed laminated plywood with a replaceable grip tape surface available in a variety of patterns, the stylish Moto pedal offers a wide surface (92 x 77 mm) for more foot power for all shoe types and bare feet. At 320 g per pair and 15 mm thin, these could be the lightest and flattest platform pedals on the market. Thanks to its patented sandwich construction with embedded spindle, the Moto pedal eliminates the danger of riders being whacked in the shin by a spinning pedal.“ 

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