The bike magazine Cycles tested flat pedals in their issue 3/2018, with MOTO participating with its Reflex and Urban Pedals. And guess what? In the test, they reached number one and two, respectively!

 In 1st place, the editors chose the Reflex Pedal. Large treads, secure footing, good workmanship and value for money were the deciding factors for the achievements of the Motobicycles flat pedals. The Urban Pedal scored particularly high in terms of features, workmanship and function, which lead it to reach 2nd place – with a total of eight pedals in the test. The selection of test products specifically included pedals that are chosen for everyday use.

Both pedals offer the best combination of performance, safety and appearance. Safety is ensured by the large footprint and the grip tapes, which remain no-slip even when wet. That’s why, the Platform Pedals with grip tape are also editor favorites – they’re optimally suited for almost every type of shoe, making them ideal for everyday use.

Last but not least, both Moto pedals stand out for their good looks, making them the perfect accessory for modern urban bikes!

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