Velojournal Magazine Switzerland 
"…. they have proved to be ideal for everyday life, they are the most comfortable pedal which the author has ridden yet…." 

our pedals were broadcasted on German TV yesterday with consistent excellent 
test results........this time also for barefoot biking :) let´s see what´s next.
Verdict: The Hip Flasks for bicycles keep what they promise! 
See the full report here:
The April 2013  edition of german magazine Fahrrad News (160,000 copies) selected our MOTO Pedals as the ultimate pedal for the touring cyclist." With the Urban Cycling pedal by the Berlin-based company MOTO, slipping is virtually impossible .... Probably no other touring pedal is as appealing and comfortable".  We are happy to see more and more journalists becoming MOTO converts!

tl_files/images/blog/Test_MOTO Pedal_ Fahrrad News.jpg

Messenger, Fixed Gear and BMX rider Björn fom Berlin testing MOTO Pedals with straps. Why he likes them? Watch this.

BMX and Street rider Rico from berlin testing the MOTO Pedals. Curious to know why he likes them? Watch the video!

The MOTO pedal creates a direct connection to the bike, which was not thought possible without clipless pedals.