For the online magazine Velomotion, Andreas Waldera’s put the MOTO Reflex Pedal to the test – an intensive field test. He quickly became a modern tarmac rebel himself: “The grip on the MOTO Reflex Pedal is fantastic from the very beginning, completely independent of the shoes worn or weather conditions. For those who are in a rush through the urban jungle: be it a bunny hop or a dart down the stairs, it won’t let you down– nice and stable! Thanks to the flat surface of the pedal, the cyclist is assured a comfortable ride and driving sensation, even with shoes that have thin and soft soles. The MOTO Reflex Pedal offers the modern tarmac rebel a good grip in all driving situations – of course in dry weather, but also when it’s wet. The fact that pins are avoided in the design means the shoes, as well as the shins and trousers are spared. The grip on the pedal is entirely convincing, and though it does require a minimum of maintenance, the simple construction means that the upkeep is easily and quickly done:

tl_files/images/blog/Postings2015/MOTO Reflex Pedal_Review.jpeg
We received this bike photo last week from one of our customers Fabian Schnell. He told us he is loves the look and quality of the MOTO Pedals. As we can see his bike looks stunning!

tl_files/images/blog/Kundenstimmen_MOTO Pedal_Fabian Schnell.jpg

Das neuartige superflache Plattformpedal von MOTO BICYCLES im Praxistest.

„Optisch edel und speziell, dabei leicht und griffig – von den Pedalen erwarte ich Vielseitigkeit und Langlebigkeit.“

(Pedal-Tester Jasper, Netzwerker aus Berlin und langjähriger Allroundradler, über seinen ersten Eindruck der neuartigen Pedale von Moto Bicycles)