After our success receiving the Eurobike Award a few weeks back, on 3 September MOTO founder Alireza Barjesteh was back in Berlin accepting yet another award.  On this occasion it was the "Made in Berlin" event, where Olympic champion Robert Harting presented MOTO the Made-in-Berlin-Award. 

The Made in Berlin Award is given each year to local companies from the capital, who realize excellence with their products and represent the future of Berlin Economic Development. Spitzley Joachim, founder of the association, wants to promote Made in Berlin to highlight  that "in this city there are great companies as proof that Berlin will really become 'rich' and sexy."  

 Well, now I guess its up to us  to make sure...

More infos:

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Berliner Morgenpost, 04.09.2013
Foto:  FilmForm, Anke Peters
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