Video Tutorials

Watch the video to see how you can give your bike pedals a quick wellness treatment.
This will only take you a few minutes and your bike pedals will be like new again!

Changing bicycle pedals by yourself is also possible for inexperienced mechanics with the right instructions. Especially with the left pedal it is important to pay attention to the thread. Here, a left-hand thread is used, which is loosened and tightened in the opposite rotating direction. In the video, this is explained.

Another tip is the use of high-quality grease on pedal and crank thread.
This prevents corrosion between the pedal and crank.
Makes it easier to change the pedal at a later time and stops pedaling noise while riding. Short overview of the video
Short overview of the video
1. remove your old pedals
2. clean and grease the crank thread
3. mounting the new pedals