Classic Pedal


Colour Pedal


Reflex Pedal


Hollow CNC-machined and nitrocarburized chromo-steel axle
Solid stainless steel axle
Stainless steel screws / self-locking nuts
Replaceable Griptape surface
Pedal-width adjustment
CNC-machined and sealed wooden frame
Interchangeable 3M refective stripes
Weight 346g 370g 336g
Flat Pedals

Pedals are the interface between the foot and the bike. With MOTO, you remain flexible and independent of your shoes. Discover our MOTO pedals.

MOTO platform pedals set new standards for safety and style by blending function and design. MOTO prioritizes precision and comfort. Our flat bike pedals are designed for urban environments and provide an extremely non-slip surface that can be used in any weather and with any footwear. The full-surface tread guarantees even pressure distribution and ultimate power transfer, which is similar to clipless pedals or pedals with straps. Experience the perfect connection to your bike, whether you are an aspiring athlete or a leisure cyclist, MOTO Pedals will keep you safe in style.


Our MOTO flat pedal offers a sustainable riding experience. The regional and environmentally friendly platform pedals are designed for universal mounting with a standardized 9/16 thread. To ensure quality and sustainability, our MOTO Flat Pedals are made 100% in Germany from the highest quality materials. Ride with clear conscience and experience MOTO quality from the start.


MOTO Urban Flat Pedals "Classic" captivate with their timeless elegance. These pedals are not only durable and low-maintenance, but also high-quality bicycle components that embody the urban zeitgeist. As the first pedal of the MOTO series, they impress with a natural wood frame and an extra-light axle. Glide through the city while enjoying a unique riding experience with style and comfort. The MOTO Urban Flatpedals "Classic" - the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.


Need more color? The flat pedals of the MOTO Urban Flat Pedal "Colour" series are available in white, red or black - to match any bike. Design the body and the tread of your pedals according to your individual taste with the interchangeable Griptape. Equipped with a CNC-machined stainless steel axle, they offer you a reliable riding experience and a touch of personal elegance on your bike. Enjoy style and comfort with the MOTO Urban Flat Pedal "Colour" pedals!


These lightweight flat pedals combine MOTO elegance with a minimalist polymer housing. By using fewer components, these bike pedals provide a sustainable solution without sacrificing MOTO's patented benefits, such as fully rebuildable construction and full tread. MOTO Reflex Flat Pedals are also equipped with reflective stripes to further enhance your safety. Available in 6 different colors, you can add a personal touch to your bike matching the stickers or grips. Experience the mix of urban style and functionality with the MOTO Reflex Flatpedals and enjoy carefree bike rides in the city.

Black Edition

MOTO Reflex Pedal "All Black" Edition as a special edition of MOTO Flat Pedals is an absolute favorite among hardcore riders and purists. With the reflective stripes that reflect white in the dark, you're not only making a fashion statement, but also increasing your safety during night rides. The MOTO Reflex Pedal "All Black" Edition gives you all the benefits of the Moto Reflex pedals. With a sturdy and lightweight design, they provide a comfortable riding experience. In addition, they are sustainably designed for a long life. If you are looking for stylish, functional and safe pedals that perfectly fit the urban lifestyle, then the MOTO Reflex Pedal "All Black" Edition is the best choice for you. Show your style, ride safely and enjoy cycling at its best!


The Motoschlappen are the perfect combination of MOTO Reflex platform pedals and the proven bike pedal straps from Schindelhauer. These unique bike pedals offer you a stable and direct riding experience, whether you're starting at a traffic light or skillfully slaloming through traffic. The entry is effortless, and your foot remains firmly in place, even when skidding. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a beginner, with the MOTOschlappen you will experience a new dimension of cycling.The Motoschlappen offers a new perspective on cycling, whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner. Take your riding to a new level and experience the unmatched comfort of MOTOschlappen, whether it's in city traffic or on exciting routes!