Ben Grümer

Ben Grümer

Introduce yourself

Ben Grümer, 29 years old, sports scientist, barefoot trainer and natural movement coach.

When did you get your first bike? And by who?

From my parents when I was 5 years old, including training wheels;)

What do you do when you are not cycling?

I walk from A to B, unless I have to use the public transportation.

What do you use your bike or your bikes for? For what purposes and how often?

I use my bike daily. Primarily for city traffic or for tours in the nature on weekends.

What problem did you have before discovering our flat pedals?

Because my job is connected to barefoot shoes and living barefoot, normal pedals often are painful when they poke the sole.

Where do moto pedals make the difference?

When it comes to grip, feel, traction, safety and barefoot comfort, Moto pedals make the difference.

Describe the moment when you first realized that Moto pedals solved your problem.

Since the first trip they felt like a perfect match;)

How is life, now that the problem is solved?

Life makes sense again ;) - Barefoot bicycle pedals and barefoot shoes are compatible!!!