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Good parts should be on every bike and in every repair shop. Classy pieces, for good bikes, good work, good looks. Strong in appearance, strong in function, strongly on the rise.

FForm follows function. Designers of the Moto pedals probably had this simple idea of design art in mind when they sat down at the saw. The pedal was reduced to the bare essentials and is still even more functional than the most pedals on the market.

In spite of a very light weight of 325grams per pair and 15mm flat platforms, they are extremely stable and durable. "The ultra-flat pedal platform puts you closer to the axle and the optimal biomechanical center of gravity.

This makes you feel the smallest of subtleties while riding more intensely and you are more connected to your bike," explains co-developer and BMX champion Ali Barjesteh.

The sandwich pedal body is completely closed, a patented bearing works inside. Thanks to the full-surface grip tape on the tread surface, it was possible to do without pins, which not only removes a potential source of danger from the Moto pedal, but also ensures good slip resistance. A classy piece of pedal art in wood look.