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Viki Gómez about his decision to ride MOTO Pedals

Viki Gómez about his decision to ride MOTO Pedals

Pros on MOTOs:

Back in April, we unveiled our MOTO x Viki Gómez signature pedals based on our MOTO Urban Pedals celebrating his nomination as "BMX Flatland Rider of the year 2013". Being at the top of your game for as long as Viky has been - and still is - is a question of skill and mindset as well as the constant search for possibilities to push boundaries and evolve your style. This means keeping your heart and your eyes open and seeing possibilities others might overlook.

Evolution often shows itself in small details

Viki quickly realized that MOTO Pedals with their large surface area and unique griptape top gave him tangible advantages that he could explore and integrate into his riding style. Pushing limits as he does he developed a next level trick and coined the phrase “MOTO Pivot”. What an honour!


What Viky Gómez has to say

“MOTO pedals go above and beyond what a BMX pedal is! MOTO pedals are a stylish, fashionable accessory for an urban city bike and functional for next level tricks at the same time. Besides that it protects you from bad hits and pin related injuries. I will be honest with you, I couldn't ride any other pedals! I’m very happy to ride for MOTO Bicycles! Here is the promo video of my signature MOTO Urban pedals! I often get asked about the design of the pedals, this video shows one of the variations you can do with them! I’ve never seen this trick done by anyone before so I call it the "MOTO Pivot". Enjoy!“ Viki Gómez     


Viki Gomez " 


We hope you’ve become curious about MOTO Pedal. Check out our Shop.
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Moto pedals from Viki Gomez on Vimeo. Photo: Christophe, Luxemburg Photography