Road trip with the Rennstahl Limited Edition and Udo Kewitsch - Bikepacking Adventures

Road trip with the Rennstahl Limited Edition and Udo Kewitsch - Bikepacking Adventures

Here Udo is on our first moto road trip with his Pinion 853. He is a passionate cyclist in his spare time and regularly reports on his bikepacking tours and travel adventures on his blog www.udokah.de.

Which is your favorite bike tour or your favorite bike destination at the moment?

* That is a bit of a tough question. Two answers: the short day tours here in Chiemgau are diverse and exciting, each a little gem, you don't have to commit yourself. From the “long-distance, multi-day perspective”, I still benefit from my 4 week trip in Mongolia. I have to go there a second time.

How long do these bike tours last?

The day tours range from really quick (1h) to extensive (3-4h) depending on the time credit, the travel story is a thing of 3-4 weeks and daily units between 60 and 120 kilometers. The personal highlight of the year used to be the Alpencross (7 days, 450-500km, 12,000-15,000 meters in altitude) - but all in its time.

What does this place offer when you are not on your bike?

The Chiemgau offers an incredible number of beautiful natural corners and cozy shopping options, whether up on the alpine pasture or in a beautiful bay. Mongolia offers me the endless vastness and untouchedness, an almost unimaginable magic and simplicity. That was a sensational trip. Good to read on my website.

What requirements do these trails place on your bike?

Here, too, I have to answer heterogeneously. In Chiemgau, depending on the route, I have the right to have a firm grip and grip on the mountain trails, on the overland tour, stability and a comfortable position are essential. On the long-haul journey, the more carefree the better. That applies to the entire bike, the trip shouldn't be a maintenance thriller but an adventure - but it can sometimes turn out very differently, as Mongolia taught me. Overall, the following applies on mountain routes: a light MTB must be manoeuvrable and at the same time directional (quite a balancing act), for the overland tour I am happy about a perfect geography, but above all the possibility to fully accommodate my bikepacking setup - the same applies to my (long-distance) touring bike .

These pictures underline that the bike is equipped with the finest parts for on the go.
Hubs from Tune ensure easy freewheeling on Udo's bike

Navi and smartphone can be charged on the practical USB top cap "The Plug".

Moto pedals provide the best grip in wind and weather without cycling shoes.

Photos by Udo Kewitsch