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VIKING BMX, Red Bull, Alienation, Tenga, Nineyard, MOTO

When did you get your first bike? And by who?

I got a 18” (wheel size ) California BMX bike from my Dad

Who inspired you when you first started with BMX?

All my friends from Retiro Park in Madrid. Sometimes there were 40 riders on the weekends and everyone had their own style. It was really amazing to have experienced that.

Where is your bike at night?

At my home! lol

What was your first bmx trick?

Actually opposite mega spin. I mean spinning opposite of clockwise direction.

What mindestate do you need to ride flatland?

I believe free mid to feel light, so the tricks can also feel light and have flow.

What do you do when you don´t ride?

Family time! Hanging out and enjoying life. I take care of my daughter. We play a lot of sports and it is so much fun. I also love to cook so I progress also in this direction.
Otherwise, I work on the many projects I'm involved with.

What kind of bike accessories trends do you wish for BMX and Flatland?

I wish the riders would be more open minded, try titanium and carbon parts. At VIKING bmx we have worked hard in the last 9 years. Our products are 100% suitable for BMX Freestyle Flat, Street and Park. But the best is the feeling of riding it. It goes beyond “light weight”, it is a feeling of the performance of the bike into the next level.

What equipment do I need to get started with Flatland?

I would say a proper Flatland bike! Good shows and elastic clothes. Perhaps some headphones as I love to ride listening to music.

Why is the Motobicycles pedals so special?

Because can doPivot Tricks that were not possible before. Also it’s size is perfect for the feeling and if you hit them or get hit by them you don’t get injured. And of corse, I love their look!

How do you rate the unique grip feeling or any word that comes to your mind with moto pedals?

Just perfect!! Honestly

What kind of pedals did you used to ride and was there anything that annoyed you?

There were never specific pedals for BMX Flatland. So nothing was cool till MOTO pedals existed.Thanks!

BMX Bike Check by Viki Gomez

Knowing that a pedal alone doesn't make a bike, we asked Viki what his favorite bike components are, besides the MOTO Flat Pedal, to take BMX sport to the next level:

Frame: KRYSS from VIKING bmx
Frame size: TT 19.5” CS 12.8”
Fork: SEAX from VIKING bmx
Handlebar: KNAR bar from VIKING bmx
Stem: WTP 32mm
Headset: ?
Crank: RNC
Chainring: Profile
Pedals: MOTO Reflex Pedal "All Black" Edition
Chain: KMC
Tires: Heresy 1.9
Frontwheel: Dead Fast Carbon Rim + VIKING bmx Titanium spokes + Profile front hub
Backwheel:  Dead Fast Carbon Rim + VIKING bmx Titanium spokes + FarEast titanium freecoaster
Pegs: Ares


Photographed by Rutger Pauw


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