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Design Vision: Bosch eBike with MOTO Flat Pedals presented at Eurobike 2022

Design Vision: Bosch eBike with MOTO Flat Pedals presented at Eurobike 2022


The eBike Design Vision is a concept bike eBike by Bosch. The manufacturer is presenting the Urban Cruiser at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt with MOTO Flat Pedals. A bike perfect for cruising around town and commuting to work.

Bosch has been developing eBikes since 2010 when the bicycle manufacturer introduced its first drive system for pedelecs. Now, with the eBike Design Vision, the Swabians are showing how the integration of the latest technical components can work in a high-quality minimalist design. At this year's Eurobike, Bosch is presenting its Urban Sports Cruiser equipped with MOTO Flat Pedals, thus setting new impulses for cycling in the future.

E-Bike from Bosch – urban design for the future

The Vision Design Bike impresses with the clean, dynamic, black / white silhouette of its ultra-light carbon frame which conceals the quintessence of 10 years of eBike development. The wrapped front and rear suspension offer maximum comfort, and the motor and battery are also built into the sleek lines of the frame.

The white part of the carbon frame houses the Performance Line CX motor, which stays well-tempered even on a heated ride thanks to the side-mounted cooling ducts. Clearly distinguished in form and structure, the black down tube incorporates the Power Tube battery, which of course can be removed for external charging.

The concept of clear and reduced design, combined with maximum functionality, is followed through by fully integrating the cockpit into the carbon handlebar. The centerpiece is the all-in-one Nyon onboard computer, which can be used intuitively and easily via a touchscreen or a separate control unit.

To emphasize the distinctive lines of the Vision Bike, all cables and hydraulic lines run inside the handlebars. For you to enjoy the ride with peace of mind an extra level of safety is guaranteed by the Bosch eBike ABS unit located behind the front rack as well as an LED lighting system.

Bosch eBike with MOTO Flat Pedals

The MOTO Reflex Black Edition perfectly matches the Vision eBikes's futuristic look and complements the bike as one of three rider contact points besides the handlebars and saddle. Just like the Vision eBike MOTO Flat Pedals are designed for urban spaces.

Innovation across the board - eBike Design Vision at Eurobike 2022 with the latest Bosch components and the Reflex“All Black“ Flat Pedal from MOTO.

MOTO Flat Pedal - urban design for everyday life

While the Vision Design eBike is still an exciting concept of things to come, the Flat Pedals from MOTO are already available in three versions for your city bike.

The MOTO Urban Pedal

The MOTO Colour Pedal

The MOTO Reflex Pedal

Like the Bosch E-bike developers, our focus is on bike function and design in its entirety.

Inspired by the love of biking and supported by aerospace engineers, we developed our unique sandwich construction, which is the basis of all of our flat pedals. MOTO Pedals offer optimal power transmission thanks to the proximity to the highly tempered CNC stainless steel axle.

At the same time, unlike other flat pedals, bicycle pedals from MOTO do without pins and sharp edges while offering excellent grip at the same time. This high level of slip resistance is achieved by a full-surface cover using replaceable Griptape - no matter if the roads are dry or wet, or you're riding with slippery leather soles, high heels, or rubber boots.

Verdict: Bosch installs trend-setting components on its eBike Design Vision with Flat Pedals from MOTO Bicycles

Bosch presents the eBike Design Vision at the Eurobike 2022 using the latest components and thus offers not only an exciting insight into the current eBike development but also a future-oriented outlook. Bosch relies on the MOTO Reflex Pedals “All Black“ offering a riding experience combining maximum comfort and innovation.