Jasper from Berlin

Jasper from Berlin

MOTO Family:

Jasper takes his MOTO Classic Pedals for a spin and talks to us about his first impressions

Jasper, introduce yourself briefly:

Hi, I'm Jasper, 28 - born and raised in Berlin.

What kind of bikes are you currently riding?

I ride almost everything that has two wheels and is pedal powered. I currently own 8 or 9 bikes - depending on the condition in which a bike can be described as such. Among them the most different bikes: BMX, MTB, dirt bike, road bike, single speed city bike, a vintage bike, cross bike - pretty much everything you can have.

What do you expect from pedals?

The pedal as one of the three contact points to the bike has to be comfortable and hardly noticeable at best, give me direct control over the crank and last but not least give me maximum grip under all circumstances - especially when doing tricks..

What was your first impression of the Moto pedals?

You don't see wooden pedals every day! It is not the material that you associate with pedals - but the skateboarders also ride wood, so why wouldn't this work for pedals. Before riding them for the first time, I was skeptical: "How in the world is this little bit of grip tape going to provide proper grip?". In the end, despite the different feel, you have a lot of grip on these things. They're not as hooky as traditional pinned pedals and provide a consistent, secure grip on the pedals. MOTO Pedals are definitely fun to ride!



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